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Space Maintainers in Lytle, TX

As children grow and develop, they hit a lot of developmental milestones along the way. When it comes to oral health, one of the biggest changes is when children begin to lose their baby teeth around age six. Ideally, this happens naturally, but in other cases a baby tooth may be damaged or extracted prematurely. In these situations, space maintainers can help to keep your child’s oral development on the right track. At Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry, we offer space maintainers for young smiles in Lytle and the surrounding communities.

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When Should a Space Maintainer Be Placed?

After a tooth has fallen out, the empty spaces they leave behind can become serious issues. If it takes too long for the adult tooth to grow in, the rest of the teeth shift position to fill the space. This can lead to crowding of the teeth and may cause the new tooth to ultimately grow in crooked. Aside from creating aesthetic problems, misaligned teeth can make oral hygiene and other daily tasks more challenging. That’s where space maintainers come in.

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What Is A Dental Space Maintainer?

A space maintainer is an oral appliance that’s custom-made to fit your child’s smile. As their name implies, they literally maintain the space between their teeth to prevent them from drifting out of place. Depending on your kid’s situation, there are different types of pediatric space maintainers that could be recommended.

  • Fixed Maintainers are generally cemented onto the tooth, which prevents them from being removed by the patient. Band and loop maintainers are one of the most common options and feature a metal band and a wire loop secured between the two teeth on either side of the gap. This category also includes distal shoes for permanent first molars and lingual maintainers for wider gaps.
  • Removable Maintainers are a better short-term option when adult teeth are close to growing in. They’re usually made out of acrylic material and can be less obtrusive than fixed options.
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Space Maintainer FAQs

How Much is a Space Maintainer?

Compared to the cost of orthodontic treatments to correct spacing issues, space maintainers are a much more cost-effective method.

Are Space Maintainers Painful?

Placing an oral implant isn’t painful and neither is wearing for. They can sometimes take a little time for kids to adjust to, however.

How Do I Help Care For My Child’s Space Maintainer

Continue to brush and floss around the area to help fight plaque buildup. Also try to avoid especially sticky or chewy foods that could damage the appliance.