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Pediatric Sedation Dentistry in Lytle, TX

Dental sedation can be an excellent additional service to add to your child’s treatment plan, as it can relieve dental anxiety and help patients have much more comfortable and relaxed visits. For more information about our sedation services, we recommend getting in touch with our friendly front office team, and we will be happy to assist you. We want our patients to not only have productive dental visits, but enjoyable ones as well. Contact us today!

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What is the best type of sedation?

When it comes to pediatric sedation dentistry, there is no option that is objectively better or worse than the other. Each sedation method is chosen based on every individual’s unique medical history and treatment plan. For patients who have mild dental anxiety or are undergoing shorter treatments, nitrous oxide may be the best choice, as it wears off quickly, and patients can often return to their normal routine after their visits. If a patient has a lot of trouble sitting still or they’re undergoing a more invasive procedure, oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia may be the better choice.

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Does dental sedation come with any side effects?

It’s common for kids to feel a little tired after appointments where sedation is used, especially oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia. Side effects like dry mouth, headache, dizziness, and nausea are also somewhat common, but they should completely dissipate within 24 hours. If your child is receiving oral conscious sedation or general anesthesia or they are receiving dental sedation for the very first time, we recommend not making any plans post-visit and instead going straight home and allowing your child to rest for the remainder of the day.

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Is it safe to put a child to sleep for dental work?

At Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry in Lytle, patient safety is our top priority above all else. Since general anesthesia comes with more risks than other types of sedation, we thoroughly review the patient’s records and take their current health and treatment plan into consideration before recommending general anesthesia. However, there are cases in which having the patient be rendered unconscious and unable to move or remember their visit is ideal. All of our options for pediatric sedation dentistry are considered safe and effective for children to utilize.

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