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Affordable Orthodontics for Kids & Teens in Lytle, TX

Have you been thinking about pursuing orthodontic services for your child? We recommend patients come in for an orthodontic consultation with us when they are as young as seven years old, to ensure that any potential orthodontic problems are caught early and the best treatment plan can be decided early on. Our orthodontic services extend to adults as well, so if you have been dreaming of a straighter smile for yourself, get in touch with our office today!

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Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces may not be the first orthodontic procedure at the top of your list, but there are benefits to choosing metal braces over other orthodontic options. Metal braces have come a long way in recent years, and they are no longer the bulky, awkward braces that you may remember from your childhood. Modern braces are built to be sleek and comfortable while efficiently straightening the teeth.

They also work well for younger patients and those who would describe themselves as absentminded, as you do not have to keep track of traditional braces or make sure you wear them often enough. For patients with severe orthodontic cases, traditional braces are usually the best option for quick and effective straightening.

young girl with braces

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are very similar to metal braces, but they use white or clear brackets and thinner wires that don’t stand out as much against the teeth. Ceramic braces are an excellent choice for teens and adults who don’t want to deal with keeping track of clear aligners but would still like an orthodontic option that is discreet. We recommend ceramic braces for patients who are extra diligent with their oral care routines, because if ceramic braces are not cleaned thoroughly and properly, they can stain.

young girl inserting her Invisalign clear aligners


Invisalign clear aligner therapy offers many benefits to patients who choose to use them. For starters, they are clear and virtually unnoticeable when worn, making them an excellent option for patients who want their teeth to be subtly straightened. They are also removable, so patients are allowed to continue eating the foods they love and participating in the activities they enjoy. This also makes it easier to keep the aligners and the teeth clean. Many patients find that Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear as well, as the smooth plastic material doesn’t irritate the gums and mouth like metal braces can.

Have more questions about our orthodontic options? We would be happy to discuss which treatment plan would work best for you at your consultation. Schedule an appointment with our team today!