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Traditional Metal Braces in Lytle, TX

The metal braces of today are far sleeker and more discreet than the metal braces of the past, making them a great option for patients who can’t or don’t want to use clear aligners to straighten their smiles. Our office also offers orthodontic treatment for adults as well as children, so if anyone in your household is interested in getting metal braces, please contact our office to schedule a consultation, and we’ll be happy to work with you!

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How old should you be to get metal braces?

Orthodontic treatment can begin for patients as young as seven years old, and traditional metal braces may be a better option for younger children who would otherwise struggle with keeping track of clear aligners and wearing them consistently enough. Patients should be sure to keep their teeth and braces clean by brushing and flossing in between their braces to avoid developing tooth decay. Our team can assess your child’s smile to determine the best time for them to begin orthodontic treatment.

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Are metal braces painful?

Metal braces take some getting used to, and unlike clear aligners, patients can’t temporarily remove their braces when they are experiencing soreness or discomfort. Should your child experience any pain after having their braces placed or tightened, eating cold foods like ice cream or popsicles can help, as can applying dental wax to areas that are causing particular soreness. Once your child’s teeth adjust to being shifted, wearing braces should start to feel much more comfortable and normal.

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What should patients avoid with metal braces?

Many foods are fine to eat with braces, but there are a few exceptions. Patients who have metal braces should avoid eating foods that are too crunchy or sticky, like popcorn, caramel, and nuts. Patients should also avoid biting into tough things like carrots and apples. Instead, they should be cut up and chewed with the back teeth. Chewing gum is also not advised for patients with braces. We recommend using your best judgment when it comes to choosing meals and snacks, but you’re welcome to ask our team about specific foods as well.

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