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First Visit

One of the main benefits of taking your child to a dental practice that specializes in pediatric dentistry is that our knowledgeable team is well trained and has many years of experience working with different children from many different backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being able to offer gentle, compassionate dental care to kids in Lytle and surrounding areas. If you have any questions or concerns for us or you’d like to schedule your child’s next appointment, please get in touch with our friendly front office team so we can assist.

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When is the best time to make an appointment?

For young children, we recommend early morning appointments, as we have found that kids tend to be more willing to follow instructions and cooperate with our staff earlier on in the day. For teens, appointment times can be a little more flexible and can take place toward the end of the day or after school. Dentist appointments are considered excused absences at schools, but should you be unable to bring them in during the week for any reason, we do offer convenient Saturday hours.madisonsdish.com

As far as how often you should make appointments for your child, we always recommend children visit the dentist just as frequently as adults, or at least twice per year. For children and teens receiving orthodontic treatment, they will need to visit our office for appointments that are between four and eight weeks apart. This is because braces need to be adjusted, and we like to check that each patients’ treatment plan is on track and make adjustments accordingly.

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My child is anxious about their first visit, what should I do?

We always recommend children start visiting the dentist from the age of one, not just to take care of their teeth and gums, but also so they become familiar with our practice early on. Our team utilizes techniques like the “Tell-Show-Do” method, where we explain and demonstrate our dental treatments in a fun and positive way to show kids that there is nothing to be scared of.

We also recommend that parents continue the positivity at home, by emphasizing the importance of dental care and praising kids for following a thorough oral care routine. Parents are always welcome to stay with their child during appointments as well. For children who experience dental anxiety regardless, we offer safe sedation options including laughing gas that can help them remain calm during appointments and relieve their anxious thoughts.

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Should I ask about orthodontics at the first appointment?

If your child is six years old or younger, it’s a little early to be thinking about orthodontics, as they likely have very few or no adult teeth at this point. However, if your child is seven years old or older, we can absolutely begin discussing orthodontics! Braces can be utilized to straighten misaligned teeth at any age, but we encourage parents to think about pursuing orthodontic treatment for their children while they are young and their mouths and jaws are still developing, as difficult orthodontic problems can be caught and accounted for early on. We also offer orthodontic services for adults as well, so if you have been considering straightening your own teeth, feel free to bring this up at your child’s appointment and we will be happy to assist.