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Dental Fillings in Lytle, TX

Should your child ever develop a cavity, our office provides tooth-colored dental fillings, which are designed to replace decay and blend in flawlessly with the surrounding teeth. If you believe your child may have a cavity or you know for sure that they need to have a filling scheduled, please get in touch with our front office team, and we will be happy to find a time for you to come see us in the near future.

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Can baby teeth receive dental fillings?

Yes, baby teeth can have dental fillings placed just like adult teeth, and crowns can be used for moderate to severe decay as well. In some cases, if a baby tooth has a small cavity but it’s loose and on the verge of falling out, we may decide to forgo a filling. Otherwise, it is important to treat a cavity before the tooth decay spreads to the other parts of the tooth and the nearby teeth. Decay and dental trauma in baby teeth can also affect the adult teeth underneath, which is why tooth decay in baby teeth should never go untreated for long periods of time.

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What happens after my child gets a filling?

When your child leaves our office, their mouth will still be numb from the local anesthetic, so they should avoid eating anything that requires chewing so that they do not accidentally bite their tongue or the inside of their mouth. They will also want to try to chew with the other side of their mouth for a while as their new filling settles in. They may feel some soreness and discomfort, and while it shouldn’t be unbearable by any means, your child may feel better if they are given an over-the-counter pain medication and are allowed to rest for a while.

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Can tooth decay be reversed?

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo tooth decay once it develops in a tooth. It can be largely prevented by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting our office for preventive care, but cavities are still quite common, even when patients take great care of their smiles. If harmful bacteria is able to make its way inside a tooth through the decayed portion of the tooth, a root canal and dental crown will be needed instead, which is why it’s always better to schedule routine exams with our team and take care of restorative treatments sooner rather than later.

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