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Dental Cleanings and Exams for Kids in Lytle, TX

Routine cleanings and exams are essential for maintaining positive oral health for both adults and kids alike. Our gentle dental team loves working at each child’s specific pace to help them have clean and healthy teeth and gums. To schedule your child’s next teeth cleaning and exam with us, please give our office a call or send us a message so we can get their next visit scheduled!

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Why are routine dental cleanings important for kids?

Regular dental exams allow our team to examine your child’s teeth and gums twice a year to ensure that their smile looks healthy. If we do diagnose an issue at their six-month check-up, it will likely be easier and less costly to treat than if the problem was discovered months or years later. Teeth cleanings help clear away plaque and tartar the builds up around the gum line and in between teeth. Even if your child always brushes their teeth twice a day, there are still areas that are difficult to reach with a toothbrush and require a hygienist to expertly clean.

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Are baby teeth really important?

Most kids lose all of their baby teeth by the time they turn twelve, which means baby teeth only stick around for a short period of their life. However, keeping a child’s baby teeth in good health really sets them up for success in the future. Adult teeth are located just below baby teeth in the jaw, and when tooth decay, gum disease, or infection affects a baby tooth, it can affect the adult tooth underneath if it is not treated right away. We have also found that kids who learn the importance of dentistry from a young age tend to prioritize having a healthy smile when they reach adulthood.

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How can I prepare my child for their first visit?

We always recommend that parents speak to their children about dentistry in a positive way to let them know that they don’t have to be afraid of our office and that there’s nothing to be nervous about. If you know your child tends to get anxious in new situations or around new people, feel free to bring them to our office for a quick tour before their first appointment to meet our friendly team and get a feel for our office. We would be happy to answer any questions they may have and help them get excited for their first appointment with our practice!

Have a question for us? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly front office for assistance!

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Pediatric Dental Cleaning FAQs

When should my child get their first teeth cleaning?

While your child’s first dental visit should happen when their first tooth comes in, or at the age of 12 months, their first teeth cleaning may not occur until a short while after. Around this age, most or all baby teeth should have developed. However, teeth development will vary for each child. Your dentist will direct you when the first teeth cleaning is appropriate based on your child’s oral development. Until then, making consistent visits to the dentist at least twice a year is critical for your child’s oral health.

Does a dental cleaning include exam?

Following an oral hygiene routine with your child at home and visits to the dentist plays an essential role in their health. Dental cleanings for children allow dentists to clear away plaque and tartar built around the gum line and found in between teeth. Not only do these hard-to-reach areas get cleaned, but an exam that checks for signs of decay or other oral abnormalities will also happen. During this time, parents are also welcome to express concerns about their child’s oral health.

How much does a teeth cleaning cost?

The average teeth cleaning cost can be up to a hundred dollars without insurance. However, if you have dental insurance, then routine dental cleanings and exams are often covered scheduled six months apart. To learn more about the teeth cleaning cost, visit our financial page to see the range of payment options accepted, or give our office a call to learn more. We’re always happy to help make dental care more affordable!