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FAQ About Dental Sedation for Kids

December 30, 2021 10:39 pm

At Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we provide sedation dentistry as part of our comprehensive, pediatric dental services. Our gentle, relaxing sedation options include nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. These can help patients remain more calm and comfortable throughout their appointment.

Patients who have dental fear and anxiety greatly benefit from sedation dentistry, but it’s also useful for children who otherwise would have difficulty sitting through extensive or more complicated procedures.

Understandably, we get a lot of questions from parents about the ins and outs of dental sedation because they want to make sure the sedation techniques are safe for their children. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have related to your child’s health and safety!

In this blog post, we’ve put together answers to the most common questions we get asked about dental sedation.

Is Dental Sedation Necessary for My Child?

No, dental sedation isn’t necessary in every case. Some children have no trouble sitting through their dental appointments. Sedation dentistry may be recommended if your child has severe dental fear or anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex, trouble sitting still, or special needs that prevent them from getting the dental care they need.

Is Dental Sedation Safe for Kids?

Yes, dental sedation for children is deemed safe by dental associations across the country as long as it’s performed under certain guidelines and by trained professionals. At Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we closely observe your child throughout the entire process to keep them safe and comfortable.

How Is My Child’s Health Monitored While Under Dental Sedation?

Your child’s health and safety are always our highest priorities. In cases when dental sedation is administered, we monitor their mental and physical state (such as their heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure) to ensure they are safe throughout the whole procedure.

More Questions? Let Us Know!

Do you have a question about dental sedation that wasn’t covered here? Call or email Tots to Teens Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Lytle! Our team is composed of friendly dental professionals who have the experience and knowledge to get you the answers you seek.

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